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Mobile QR Ordering

The Future of Food & Beverage

QR Technology

Food & Beverage freedom for your guests & attendees.

QR & location-based ordering gives us the power to break away from traditional catering and event models. We no longer need to think in the linear terms of blocked time for food and beverage service. Instead, we can make F&B a fluid, integrated part of the event.

Imagine the possibilities of guests being able to order a snack or a latte from their seat without disrupting the meeting. With QR technology attendees at all types of events can now order and pay right from their mobile phone and your catering teams will know exactly where to deliver based on the QR code that was scanned.

No more waiting for the break to get that next bump of caffeine. Stuck in your tradeshow booth and can’t get away to order lunch? No problem, just scan the QR code in your booth and have it delivered to you.

Trade Show Image

Trade Shows

Use QR applications throughout the trade show floor to increase sales by meeting and serving your vendors and attendees where they are

Conference QR Ordering

Meetings & Conferences

Conference attendees don't need to wait for breaks to get that next cup of coffee or snack. Now they can order with zero disruption to the meeting. 

Fundraiser Ideas


Keep guests in their seats bidding and let them order drinks right from their seat. Or sell bottles of wine with shared proceeds for the charity.

Wedding Table QR Ordering

Weddings & Social Events

Long bar lines? Let guests order from the table with QR technology. Shorten bar lines and keep people dancing and having fun with the important moments.

Room Service

In-Room Dining

Streamline your IRD offerings. Allow guests to browse menus, order from their room, pay or charge to the room. No phone call needed.

How to get started?

While there are many POS solutions for handling mobile ordering, there are 2 companies leading the charge for QR and location-based mobile ordering.

Bbot has been at the forefront of mobile ordering solutions for a while now. Their technology can function as a stand-alone POS solution or can integrate with other 3rd party POS systems. Originally the technology was developed to include robot delivery (yes that is a thing), but it is so much more than that.

Toast has been around for a while now as a robust POS solution for restaurants and hospitality, but have ventured into the mobile order and pay world over the past couple of years. They have a really great user experience and the ability to create tabs and master accounts really opens up the opportunities for mobile ordering. 

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Mobile Ordering

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